About Ibe

Born in Belgium in 1976, Ibe was raised in Aba – a commercial city in eastern part of Nigeria. Growing up seeing his elder brother recreate comic characters from old comic books got his interest in arts at an early age. He later studied Fine and Applied Arts (painting) at Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, Nigeria, graduating with Distinction in 1999.

Ibe’s art focuses on addressing societal issues and also interrogates how they largely affect the contemporary living. His interest in finding new expressions leads him to constantly experiment with conventional and non-conventional methods and materials to execute ideas that aim to challenge and inspire his audience. Asides his studio practice, he functions as a Senior Art Group Head in advertising (Insight Publicis, Lagos). He also operates as the Director of Arts for Girl Child Art Foundation.

Ibe is listed in the Smithsonian Institution Libraries Collections. He has exhibited in Nigeria, South Africa, Israel and the United States. He has his major public collections at the National Assembly, Abuja, Nigeria. He recently collaborated with Canadian High Commission, Abuja, Nigeria as the visual artist on their African Child Advocacy Campaign. Asides a couple of publications about him, he is among the artists recently published in FASHION ILLUSTRATION AFRICA – A NEW GENERATION (Shoko Press, London. -2016).

Ibe lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria.


Image by Emeka Okereke

Image by Okey Iwundu (Braveroots Productions)

Image by Adeyinka Akingbade

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