TerraKulture, Lagos, 2017


Awakening the Dawn is an agenda to give national visibility to Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu this time in a rejuvenated agenda that would now be regular. With hope, this project would become a fulcrum to project many other artists who graduated from the school. Many prominent art institutions in Nigeria have established such alumni initiatives aimed at annual or periodic exhibitions. The sustenance or reinforcement of identity is at the root of such inventiveness. Referring to IMT as an ideological forte comes with a recognition that acknowledges the reality of perspectival perceptions of facts and the narrative agendas accompanying them. Diverse standpoints of narration confer cultural productions with untrammeled dynamism and interest in any socio-cultural setting.

By this act commission, the artists (Chinedu Ogakwu, Donald Onuoha, Uchay Joel Chima and Ibe Ananaba) usher into the art world in Nigeria an enlarged ambiance of critical discourse that emanates from inherent internal coherences and contradictions, including how these key into global realities.

Frank A. O. Ugiomoh Ph. D. FSNA, FPACA
Yemisi Shyllon Professor of Fine Art and Design
Professor of history of art and theory
University of Port Harcourt
Port Harcourt

Yaba College of Education, Lagos, 2017


This is an interactive session about drawing and practice development with the 300 level Fine Art Students of Yaba College of Education, Lagos.
02 Academy, Lagos, 2017


This is an interactive session on the role of ART in Art direction with students of O2 Academy Lagos, one of Nigeria’s leading schools in advertising and marketing communications.
September Gray Fine Art Gallery, Atlanta, USA, 2016

THE VERNISSAGE: John Wesley Dobbs, an exhibition of small works

Aso Villa, Abuja, 2016


This exhibition was designed as part of the Presidency’s meeting with the creative youth in Nigeria. The show pulls together conscious artists whose works serve as a medium that sparks dialogue between the presidency and the creative community regarding issues affecting the nation’s growth.

In the words of the curator – Adenrele Sonariwo; “These artist’s works, like many others, are a constant reminder of the positive progression that needs to occur in our society. They go beyond self, placing their voices in a position of power to emphasize the calamitous state of the nation and the change that needs to take place to move the country to a more viable 21st century modern nation. They should not and must not be ignored”.

Canadian High Commission, Abuja, 2016


Canadian High Commissions across Africa are committed to supporting the development of the African Child especially the girl child, hence the African Child Advocacy campaign.

The #wallsCANbloom idea is an initiative for the advocacy for the cause to be expressed in a compelling visual story-telling form as murals paintings on their walls so their blooms as a way of support since their walls have been blank.

As an artist that believes in such advocacy, it was an honour when the Canadian High Commission contacted me to collaborate with them on this. With education as a major key to empower the African child, I thought to visualize the key figures firmly holding larger-than-life pens as symbol of education and also as form of weapon to deconstruct any stereotype pinning the African child down. With a strong belief that if one educates a child, the world is being improved, this is executed against backdrop of an urban/metropolitan city that hints at brighter future that comes with knowledge empowerment.

Rele Gallery, Lagos, 2016


Sélénsé is a local slang I grew up in Aba, Abia State to know as ‘to flaunt’. It’s all about ‘Showing-off’… It’s about flamboyance.

As an artist, it’s always been an interesting journey with my daily reflections of various visual statements people around me make with their sense of style and fashion. The streets have become the new runway, making our society vibrant. Little wonder why the global focus on Africa/ Nigeria’s fashion is on the rise.

Within the context of the exhibition, Sélénsé is my observation of the gaudy nature with which fashion is consumed within my society and largely, how it affects the contemporary living. This body of works reflects part of the society’s consciousness while telling a visual story that lets a viewer understand the people’s mindset, sense of style and aspiration.

Temple Muse, Lagos, 2015

OF MUSIC, MIGRATION & NUANCED MEANING: Ibe Ananaba & Tony Nsofor’s creative response to global issues

Welcome to a world of music, migration and nuanced meaning created through the phenomenal art of two of Nigeria’s finest contemporary artists: Tony Nsofor and Ibe Ananaba.

This exquisite and rich exhibition of 54 carefully selected paintings and mixed media works expresses the very heart and pulse of African creativity by two socially sensitive artists responding to a myriad of global issues including migration and the effect of social media on inter-personal communication.

“Both artists creatively explore human relationships and pressing global issues through strikingly diverse and engaging styles that express an exciting range of honest and bold contemporary creativity.
It is refreshing to curate work by artists with a critical eye and social conscience who are using their creativity as vehicles for advocacy through artistic expression.”

Sandra Mbanefo Obiago
Exhibition Curator

Constant Capital, 2014


This exhibition is an experiment in fusion and draws similarities between Segun Aiyesan and ibe Ananaba, irrespective of the fact that both artists were born in different continents, grew up and live in different cities, experienced different educational backgrounds and influences and possess unique styles.


Absolut Open Canvas is a global campaign that reflects the creative soul of the Absolut brand by engaging artists to use art as a medium to transform cities.

Out of the 4 centres where the public arts are being created by groups of artists, my team and I held Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba down with our street art and it was fun working with young artists I was assigned to inspire and oversee.

Alexis Gallery, Lagos, 2012


Living in times when value systems are rapidly fading and abnormality is becoming the ideal, our mental state is constantly bombarded by today’s imagery and our future seems in doubt. With this on my mind, I pause and ponder on what role to play in the midst of this seemingly organized chaos and how to contribute towards a sustainable change.

Pushed by this disturbing train of thoughts, ‘IDENTITY CHECK’, the title of this art show, was born. ‘Identity Check’ aims for our hearts (as individuals or as a group of people), poking our consciousness to look inwards and re-evaluate the values that drive us; the factors that influence and shape who we are, as well as define our identity.

Ibeabuchi Ananaba
Lagos, Nigeria
September, 2012

Goethe Institut, Lagos, 2009


AGAINST ALL ODDS is a PENStakingly written epistle from me to the public advocating for hope. I see hope as the livewire of everyone out there that nourishes his/her drive to proceed against all odds in life. Hope is that “e go beta” (it will be better) belief that resides in our heart. The flip side of this show is an attempt to encourage a paradigm shift. It is to alter stereotypical mindsets, INSPIRE, ENCOURAGE and CHALLENGE the viewers to search within and unlock those hidden gifts for benefit of mankind. It also acts as a pulling force to draw people close to the art pieces for them to dialogue with the works and ignite some real good positive sparks.

This show celebrates my 10 years of extensively experimenting with ballpoint pen as an art medium which plays a vital role in this visual treat – showcasing the unsung part of a mere writing tool that brings out the genius in one’s self.

Ice House, Bentonville, Arkansas, U.S.A., 2007


This is an art exhibition organized by ChildGuard America advocating for stranger awareness. It was staged to show effects of child kidnap and to provoke the viewers’ thought as to what could be done to curb it.

According to U.S Department of Justice, there are more than a million kids reported missing in the United States each year. As an effort to address the issue of the above-mentioned monster, ChildGuard America reached out for me to collaborate as the featured artist and together we staged her 1st Annual art show – ED’STRAVAGANZA …(No more victims) at ICE HOUSE, Bentonville, Arkansas, and U.S.A. on September 29th, 2007.

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